Reference Designs

Mellanox CloudX

CloudX reference design is a recipe, based off the Mellanox OpenCloud™ architecture, for building an efficient cloud platform using off-the-shelf building blocks: servers, storage, interconnect and software to form flexible and cost-effective private and public clouds.

  • Unbounded cloud performance
  • On-demand compute, storage and networking
  • OpenCloud Architecture: Open Platform / Open Source
  • CloudX can be based on top of an open-source environment, such as OpenStack, that enables the installation, provisioning, diagnostics, and maintenance of the cloud in the Data Center.
  • CloudX helps to reduce the cost of using a compute and storage infrastructure and it enables applications to use much more data at real time to get conclusions and make business decisions faster.


Mellanox Technologies offers seamless integration between its products and OpenStack layers and provides unique functionality that includes application and storage acceleration, network provisioning, automation, and hardware-based security and isolation.

Mellanox is a contributor to 3 main projects:

  • Mellanox supports the OpenStack Neutron releases with open source networking components. It delivers higher compute and storage performance and additional functionality, such as NIC based switching to provide better security and isolation for virtual cloud environments.
  • Mellanox supports the OpenStack Cinder releases with iSER (iSCSI over RDMA), allowing 5x faster bandwidth compared to using iSCSI TCP.
  • Mellanox has integrated Ceph drivers over traditional TCP/IP transport and integrated with application workloads including Hadoop. In addition Mellanox has contributed the Accelio messaging layer and is working to integrate into the Ceph project to accelerate storage using RDMA.
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OpenStack Distributors

Mellanox is a certified interconnect vendor for several cloud distributions such as Mirantis and Redhat. The integration of OpenStack Distributors and Mellanox hardware generates a solid and high performing solution for cloud providers.