Started in 1993, the TOP500 lists the fastest computers used today, ranked according to Linpack benchmark results. Published twice a year, the TOP500 list provides an important tool for tracking usage trends in high-performance computing. The 49th TOP500 List was released during the June ISC'17 conference.

TOP500 49th List Highlights

Mellanox connects the World’s Fastest Supercomputer and the majority of new systems on this TOP500 list. InfiniBand solutions were chosen 2.5 times more end-user projects in 2017 versus Omni-Path. InfiniBand accelerates 60 percent of the total HPC systems on the list and 45 percent of the Petaflop infrastructures. Mellanox continues to dominate the high end Ethernet market with solutions that connect all of the 40 Gigabit Ethernet systems and the first 100 Gigabit Ethernet system.

Highlights of InfiniBand and Mellanox usage on the June 2017 TOP500 list:

  • InfiniBand accelerates majority of new systems on TOP500 supercomputer List
  • InfiniBand connects 2.5 times more new systems versus OmniPath
  • EDR InfiniBand solutions grew 2.5X in six months
  • Accelerating the fastest supercomputer in the world
  • Providing 1.7X Higher ROI for Petascale Platforms
  • Mellanox connects 39% of overall TOP500 systems (192 systems, InfiniBand and Ethernet)
  • InfiniBand connects 36% of the total TOP500 systems (179 systems)
  • InfiniBand connects 60% of the HPC TOP500 systems
  • InfiniBand accelerates 45% of the Petascale systems
  • Mellanox connects all of 40G Ethernet systems, connects the first 100G Ethernet system on the list
  • Enabling Machine Learning, High-Performance, Web 2.0, Cloud, Storage, Big Data and more applications

Mellanox ConnectX-5 EDR 100Gb/s InfiniBand adapters, Switch-IB2 based switch systems and LinkX fiber and copper cables optimize server and storage performance and provide the scalable, low-latency, and power-efficient interconnect for the world’s fastest supercomputers.