A Live Webinar with Mellanox and Xyratex

Advanced Interconnect and Storage for
Cloud-Ready Data Centers

Date and Time:

April 2012


Motti Beck,
Director of Marketing
Mellanox Technologies

Michael K. Connolly,
Partner and Alliances Development Manager,
Xyratex International

Major industry catalysts in the evolution of data centers and service provider initiatives are punctuated by cloud computing, big data, and high performance computing (HPC) opportunities. This evolution places new technology demands on IT organizations and service providers that encompass advanced interconnect and storage solutions to ensure quality and availability of all services and data.

Mellanox's InfiniBand interconnect products deliver today 56Gb/s throughput at 0.7usec latency which eliminates IO bottlenecks that may occur when high performance Servers that are based on the most recent multi-sockets, multi-cores microprocessors are being used. Using Mellanox's servers to storage interconnect enables high scalability and the most efficient fast, flat and virtualized data center solutions.

Xyratex, a leader in advanced storage solutions, uses Mellanox InfiniBand as part of the ClusterStor™ 3000 Lustre storage solution to achieve greater than 30 GB/sec file system throughput performance per rack and enable efficient scaling from terabytes to tens of petabytes at speeds up to 1TB per second. Xyratex offers multiple solutions that accommodate industry requirements.

Please join Mellanox and Xyratex for this educational webinar to learn about the advanced Interconnect and storage solutions available today for Cloud-Ready data center.

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