A Live Webinar with Mellanox, AMAX, STEC and Zettaset

The High Performance Approach for Building Hadoop Clusters


Eyal Gutkind,
Senior Manager, Enterprise Market Development
Mellanox Technologies

Bruce Moxon,
Chief Solution Architect, Systems and Software Group
STEC, Inc.

Justin Quon,
Senior Marcom Specialist

Tom Masucci,
VP of Strategic Alliances
Zettaset Inc.

This webinar will explore methods for building Hadoop clusters utilizing a high performance infrastructure with a complete installation and management suite for ease of deployment. We will review the process used for building the PHAT-DATA40G appliance and publish performance results achieved using a ¼ of comparable performance solutions. The PHAT-DATA40G appliance uses Mellanox's low-latency 40GbE NICs and switches, STEC PCIe SSDs , and AMAX new Romley servers all managed and powered by Zettaset Hadoop fault-tolerant and highly-available solution for massive data aggregation.

Please join Mellanox, AMAX, STEC and Zettaset for this educational webinar to learn about the concepts, performance and scalability of building Hadoop clusters using a High-Performance Computing infrastructure and a complete turnkey solution.

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