A Live Webinar with Mellanox

Mellanox Extends its FDR 56Gb/s InfiniBand Switch Portfolio

Date and Time:

May 2012


Tal Roll,
Product Marketing Manager
Mellanox Technologies

As servers are deployed with next generation processors and PCIe 3.0, data center managers have an increased need for bandwidth, performance and density in their interconnect solutions. To meet customer demand, Mellanox expanded its SX6000 line of FDR 56Gb/s InfiniBand switches with the new 18-port, 108-port, 216-port, and 324-port non-blocking switches. The breadth of the port count allows for a better entry point for storage, database and any other enterprise customer running high bandwidth and low latency applications. Data center managers can now find the perfect form-factor for any fabric size, from small storage/database solutions, to the world's largest HPC fabrics.

These high-speed smart fabric solutions provide unmatched scalability for application, database and storage servers. These new switches are part of the SX6000 switch family and come with seamless fabric management capabilities to ensure the highest fabric performance.

Please join Mellanox for an educational webinar to learn more about the SX6000 switch family and how they enable data center servers and storage to deliver high throughput, low latency and world leading applications performance.

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