A Live Webinar with Mellanox and Hewlett-Packard

Scalable HPC - New Accelerations for
Parallel Programming Languages over InfiniBand

Date and Time:

April 2012


Todd Wilde,
Director, Technical Computing
Mellanox Technologies

Zarka Cvetanovic,
High Performance Computing
Hewlett-Packard Company

This webinar will explore new advancements Mellanox has developed in increasing the performance and scalability of parallel programs over InfiniBand. These include Fabric Collectives Accelerator (FCA), and Mellanox Messaging Accelerations (MXM). In addition, the webinar will provide an overview of the parallel programming libraries that are using these accelerations, including the new ScalableSHMEM and ScalableUPC PGAS libraries that Mellanox has recently introduced to run over InfiniBand. Details and results derived from a collaboration between Mellanox and HP at looking into the performance and scalability of one-sided communications over InfiniBand will also be presented.

Please join Mellanox and HP for this educational webinar to learn about the concepts, performance and scalability of MPI/PGAS languages and accelerations over InfiniBand.

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