A Live Webinar with Mellanox and Tolly Group

Shattering Ethernet Switches Performance Records

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Benchmark tests performed by leading analyst, The Tolly Group, demonstrate Mellanox's Ethernet switch leadership with record performance and energy efficiency. The benchmarking, utilizing industry-standard Ixia testing and validation solutions, demonstrated the industry-record performance and energy efficiency – over 2X better than the closest competitor – of Mellanox's SwitchX Ethernet solutions. Using Ixia testing solutions, Tolly was able to measure record-breaking performance and nanosecond latency detail at the finest level of jitter over Mellanox SwitchX 10/40GbE technology.

Please join Mellanox and Tolly for this educational webinar to learn more about the benchmark tests performed by The Tolly Group and how Mellanox's SwitchX 10/40GbE switch silicon and systems, combined with the company's ConnectX®-3 EN 10/40GbE NICs and QSFP copper and fiber cables, and Unified Fabric Manager™ (UFM™), provide a complete end-to-end 10/40GbE interconnect solution that delivers superior application performance and maximizes return-on-investment in multiple markets including Web 2.0, financial services, database, virtualized data centers, Internet and hosting, cloud and high-performance computing.


Amit Katz
Director, Product Management
Mellanox Technologies

Kevin Tolly
The Tolly Group