A Live Webinar with Mellanox and University Jaume I of Castelló

Maximize the GPU Performance in Your
Compute Cluster Using rCUDA Virtual GPU Technology


Todd Wilde,
Director, Technical Computing
Mellanox Technologies

Rafael Mayo Gual,
Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering
University Jaume I of Castelló

GPU technology has gained wide acceptance in high performance computing due to the large performance benefits it provides for many applications. This webinar will explore new advances in the efficient utilization of GPU resources using a high speed interconnect such as InfiniBand. This technology enables compute resources within a cluster to actually share a pool of centralized GPU resources that reside externally to the compute nodes. The University Jaume I of Castelló, in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Valencia, has developed the rCUDA middleware to accomplish this. The rCUDA middleware takes advantage of the high speed InfiniBand interconnect from Mellanox, allowing for remote GPU access through a virtual CUDA driver residing on the compute nodes. This can potentially reduce the number of GPUs required in a compute cluster, decrease maintenance and energy costs, and allows for easier future expansion of GPU capabilities for your cluster.

Please join Mellanox and the University Jaume I of Castelló for this educational webinar to learn more about the advantages of enabling rCUDA in your environment.

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