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Extend InfiniBand and Ethernet with RDMA Connectivity Reach to Campus Wide Areas with MetroX
TX6000 series of long haul switches
extend InfiniBand and Ethernet with RDMA connectivity beyond traditional reach
Today, InfiniBand and Ethernet solutions are being deployed within the data center to effectively connect between servers and between servers and storage. The extent of the networking fabric is constrained by the physical location of the data center. To address this limitation, Mellanox has pushed the boundaries and introduced the MetroX™ TX6000 series of long haul switches to enable native InfiniBand and Ethernet with RDMA connectivity between data centers across multiple geographically distributed sites. MetroX extends InfiniBand and Ethernet from a single-location data center network to local, campus and even metro applications.

Please join Mellanox for this educational webinar to learn more about how deploying MetroX and running six long haul ports at 40Gb/s and six downlink FDR 56Gb/s InfiniBand ports enables star-like campus deployments. Hear how you can drive transformation in your architecture, provide capital expense reduction, and help deliver higher performance beyond the traditional connectivity reach.

Webinar highlights:
  • Run up to 10km today and to 100km in the future over local and distributed InfiniBand and Ethernet fabrics, managed as a single unified network infrastructure
  • Develop a low cost, low-power, and long haul solution over InfiniBand and Ethernet fabric
  • RDMA execution over long distance sites
  • MetroX key features


Amit Katz, Director, Product Management, Mellanox Technologies