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Data center Ethernet fixed and top-of-rack switches continue to reach record levels. This form-factor is increasingly used in server access and data center aggregation deployments. Legacy solutions are utilizing large modular switches that are quickly becoming obsolete and expensive both in terms of CAPEX and OPEX. Markets including scalable cloud, web 2.0, and enterprise data centers require large aggregation Ethernet switch networks to connect racks for 10GbE based servers and storage.

To address these issues, Mellanox announced the availability of the Mellanox Virtual Modular Switch™ (VMS) solution, a world leading Ethernet data center aggregation switch infrastructure. Mellanox VMS is a high-port density, flexible and scalable data center aggregation switching solution. Mellanox VMS provides up to 720 ports of 40 gigabits per second with latency lower than 2 microseconds while reducing capital expenses by up to 85 percent and power consumption by up to 90 percent.

Join our webinar to learn how IT managers can migrate to a more resilient, flexible and scalable solution that grows with the data center. Mellanox VMS is future-proof, efficient and brings significant CAPEX and OPEX savings. The VMS is available today.

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