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Trading in today's financial markets increasingly relies on the "Race to 0", where improving performance means money, and improving collection and analysis of trade and quote time-series data gives a competitive edge.

Kove, Mellanox and Dell have joined forces to provide one of the leading performing market data capture and analysis capabilities in the world. Holding world records for latency, IOPS and bandwidth, the solution consisting of Kove's XPD2 storage, Mellanox InfiniBand switches and adapters and a Dell-Kove Appliance recently achieved the highest performance ever recorded for 14 of 17 STAC-M3™ benchmarks for time-series management (tick database) solutions. The solution performed:

Over 12x the speed of the previous best Market Snapshot benchmark
Over 5x the speed of the previous best Theoretical P&L benchmark
Over 4x the speed of the previous best Volume-Weighted Bid-Day benchmark
Over 4x the speed of the previous best Week High Bid benchmark

As one example, the STAC Market Snapshot test previous record holder resulted in a mean time to complete of nearly 5 seconds while the Dell-Kove Appliance took only 360 milliseconds.

Join experts from Kove, Mellanox and Dell to learn about the fastest tick capture and market data analysis solution available today and how it can help you get ahead of the competition. The session will also feature case studies and provide more detail about the new record-breaking STAC benchmark results.

John Overton, CEO, Kove
Gilad Shainer, Senior Director, Market Development, Mellanox
Mark King, Global Strategy and Business Development Director- Banking & Securities, Dell
Adam Papp, Director - Sales Engineering, Worldwide Banking & Securities, Dell