A Webinar from Mellanox, Agilex & World Wide Technology

Cloud Computing is proving to provide the best economical, scalable and flexible approach to Federal IT infrastructure. However, the journey to the Private Cloud is not always easy. Virtualization, automation, management, scalability, performance, big data analysis, and how to support legacy applications are all important factors to consider when designing a cloud infrastructure to deliver the services to support your agency's mission.

Join experts from Mellanox Technologies, Agilex and World Wide Technology for a special webinar outlining a new architectural approach for building private clouds that are mission-ready and scalable to support big data analysis and future growth.

The session will include a solution overview, a case study from Agilex and some industry perspective from World Wide Technology about current trends in cloud implementations among Federal agencies.

Alex Neefus, Senior Systems Engineer, Mellanox Technologies
Scott Dickinson, Technical Manager, Agilex
Chris Black, Director, Federal Solutions Engineering, World Wide Technology

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