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Affordable, Scalable and Versatile EVPN VXLAN

VXLAN has come of age with BGP EVPN (Ethernet Virtual Private Network). BGP is the scalable and standard-based protocol that runs the Internet. Now, data center operators are increasingly using BGP inside their datacenters as well. Service providers have traditionally used EVPN alongside MPLS to extend private enterprise networks across the WAN. Recently EVPN standards have been extended to support VXLAN tunnels as well.

BGP EVPN with VXLAN provides greater network efficiency and scalability through enhanced support for both L2 and L3 services. It gives administrators fine-grained policy control to help boost efficient utilization of network resources.

This technical note shows how Mellanox Open Ethernet Spectrum switches running Cumulus Linux can be used to build scalable BGP EVPN VXLAN based fabrics.

  • Spectrum’s Open Ethernet model makes BGP EVPN affordable
    • No separate protocol licenses required
    • Transparent pricing & support for 3rd party optics

  • Spectrum Ethernet switches have the best VXLAN data plane scale
    • 10X more tunnels, 6X more VTEPs
    • Integrated Cumulus Linux for flexibility and automation

  • Spectrum Ethernet switches have the most versatile VXLAN functionality
    • Supports VXLAN routing in one pass
    • Supports both symmetric as well as asymmetric routing modes

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