The leading edge of development.
Leading the edge of progress.

Open innovation across technologies, disciplines, organizations and industry

The force behind Co-Design

Shared collaborations transforming advanced requirements into beneficial outcomes

A force for the future

Holistic approach for solving grand challenges through the Exascale era and facilitating the next giant leaps…beyond

Leading the Edge of Progress

“… today’s supercomputers have reached a critical point due to technology limitations and being pushed to the brink as data sets continue to grow exponentially. This open collaboration between Mellanox and leaders from the HPC community will contribute to the development of the next generation solutions overcoming these constraints, continuing critical progress and ensuring we make those next great discoveries ...”

Community focused

Recognize, reward and foster better research and development

Member led

Collaborative partnerships between academia, government and industry

Co-Design enabled

Cooperative breakthroughs in applications, architectures, tools and techniques


Portable, relevant, industry standards


Balance design of interrelated technologies


Reciprocal outcomes and initiatives

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