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Data and The Beast

Unleash Your Data Beast with Agile Data Center Networking

The Ultimate Professional Guide to Data Center Networking

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What do you need, want, or demand from your data center? In a world with constantly evolving workloads and requirements, a flexible and efficient data center has benefits that extend well beyond the basics.

Data and The Beast is the most professional guide to flexibility in the data center. This is your opportunity to unlock the secrets to unprecedented performance and ROI. This up-to-date guide outlines the most innovative and flexible solutions and networking technologies available to drive your business forward.

So what are you waiting for? Download the comprehensive guide now and discover the secrets to data center flexibility and how to gain the best performance and ROI.

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  • A comprehensive guide to building the most innovative networking solutions
  • An in-depth look at the best tools for the data center foundation, middleware and enhancements including storage, networking, hypervisors, NICs, and flexibility
  • Insider tips and secrets to greater flexibility in the data center
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