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Low Latency 40/56GbE End-to-End Solutions

Higher bandwidth and lower latency are crucial for efficient data center operation and extreme application performance. With data volume increasing year over year, the modern data center has to deliver the highest performance and efficient scalability to allow business growth.

End-to-End 40/56GbE Solutions

Mellanox end-to-end 40/56GbE products are the perfect solution to give your data center that extra kick to get faster results that your business demands in order to stay above the competition. Mellanox, the leading provider of high bandwidth connectivity solutions, offers complete 40/56GbE solutions. These end-to-end solutions deliver high bandwidth to data hungry applications along with low end-to-end latency enabling data centers to operate with high performance and efficiency for a better end user experience and infrastructure ROI. SwitchX® and ConnectX® solutions also give IT managers flexibility in how they deploy higher bandwidth to the servers, providing simple upgrade paths to 40/56GbE. Switch and NIC can be used interchangeably as 10GbE (with QSA) and 40/56GbE.

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40/56GbE NIC

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40/56GbE Switch

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40/56GbE Cables

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Key Features:

  • High Density and High Bandwidth
       • 36 x 40/56GbE
       • Dual Port 40/56GbE NICs
  • Flexible 40/56GbE
       • Switch ports dynamically configured as
          40/56GbE and as 10GbE
       • QSFP NICs operates at 10/40/56Gb/s
  • Low Latency
       • Switch port-to-port latency, 230ns at 40/56GbE
       • RDMA application latency less than 1.3us
       • Sockets application latency as low as 4us
  • Low Power
       • Switch typical power consumption:
          2.8W/40/56GbE port
       • NIC typical power consumption:
          3.4W/40/56GbE port