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Design and Planning Services


The Mellanox Professional Services team will work closely with you to understand your needs and requirements from Mellanox products and solutions involved in the planning of your cluster to develop the most appropriate Mellanox solution for your organization. Mellanox Services professionals will learn and understand your business and application demands, and then design a complete Mellanox solution with special attention to the non-Mellanox elements of the environment.


After years of design experience, and long-standing partnerships with many vendors and OEMs, Mellanox is positioned to provide a comprehensive cluster design that ensures interoperability with all elements. By choosing Mellanox Services, customers and partners can expect to reduce time to production, increase overall ROI, and maximize solution value. In addition, when it’s time to implement, Mellanox has the needed services to bring the design to life.

Design and Planning

Mellanox Design and planning services consist of many elements; all are aimed at ensuring a production ready cluster.

Business / Application

The Mellanox Services team will work with you to understand the nature of your business and your application. Mellanox has extensive experience in every business sector from, HPC, Enterprise, Cloud, Financial Services, Education, Oil, Gas, and more. Our extensive experience allows us to provide a complete and flexible design plan.

Partner Design Requirements

The Mellanox Services routine works with the world’s largest OEMs, distributors, and vendors. This wide partnership ensures that when planning the Mellanox cluster, the environment as a whole is taken into consideration.

Design / Documentation

Once your environment and needs have been completely assessed, Mellanox Services will provide a comprehensive document set including, but not limited to, a Cluster high-level design document, a low-level design document, a Network Diagrams, a Materials List, and a Method of Procedure (outline of the recommended deployment procedure).

What’s Next?

Design and planning are not the end of the available Mellanox Services. We offer on-site deployment services, remote installation services and more.

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The information within this document is a high-level outline of the On-site Project Delivery Services with cable implementation packages which Mellanox Global Professional Services may provide during a delivery. The actual services provided will be described in a Statement of Work, as some limitations and changes might apply. Please see Mellanox GPS – Terms and Conditions.

For more information, please contact your Account Manager.

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