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Yair Goldel, Professional Services Director

Yair GYair is the founder and commander of Mellanox Professional Services Delivery team. His former role and extensive experience as the Customer Support Director at Mellanox has qualified him to direct Mellanox Professional Services team and department, with all its challenges and high demands, ever since the team was initially formed. Yair brings more than 15 years of experience in the high-tech industry and networking world, and has been managing, coaching and leading members of the customer support and professional services ever since he joined Mellanox in 2005. Yair’s great contribution to the Support department in general and to Mellanox Professional Services in particular, is extremely vivid and highly admired amongst coworkers and customers. In addition to aiding his colleagues and team members in utilizing their skills and knowledge to maximum production, Yair is an expert in Linux System Administration and InfiniBand Technology. Nowadays Yair dedicates his time, attention and energy to closely lead and direct the Professional Services team and major projects by being directly involved throughout the whole delivery process from end to end. When his hands are not full with project delivery and in assuring customers’ satisfaction, he is likely to be found at the basketball court.

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