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Mellanox ClusterKit- Single Application evaluating your InfiniBand Cluster Health

Mellanox ClusterKit is an MPI-based application for evaluating your InfiniBand cluster health at multiple levels.

The MPI-based application provides multiple benchmarks:

  • Network-wide- Random/order ring performance
  • Per Node-System Memory bandwidth
  • Pair-wise Network tests- Latency, Bandwidth

GPU tests (bandwidth and latency):

  • GPU to Host memory bandwidth
  • GPU to remote GPU (pair-wise, GPU0 -> GPU0, GPU1->GPU1, GPUn->GPUn)
  • GPU to remote GPU (neighbor test, each GPU talks to each GPU)

Per rack- Collectives (Barrier, Bcast, Allreduce)

Main Features:

  • Runs multiple benchmarks as a single MPI job
  • Automatic results reporting and visualization, ready for analysis


  • Per node/rack reports

Example: Pairwise Latency Matrix


  • Latency between node pairs
  • Raw Data from a subset of Summit nodes (Top 500 #1 cluster)
  • Data Includes switch and cable latency
  • Topology is clearly visible

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