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Mellanox Expert Services- Our Differentiators, Your Peace of Mind

Mellanox Global Services team of experts has clear main objectives:

  1. De-risk our customer’s installations
  2. Offload complex tasks from our customer’s data center teams
  3. Implement industry best practices

As the interconnect vendor, it is our main concern and priority that Mellanox installations will function properly.
Many risks are lying in wait in such implementations:

  • Addressing unexpected topology changes
  • Addressing local performance issues
  • Technology standard challenges (compatibility, gateways, the configuration order)
  • Long time to configure (we use internal tools that allow us to do it much faster)
  • Interface to external systems if any
  • Uneducated/ unexperienced manpower
  • Human mistakes
  • Longer escalation cycles (the support contract is relevant only post-going-live)
  • Later support on the installed system (easier if done by Mellanox)
  • New and unique technology (Cumulus) requires Linux and networking knowledge and experience

Let us take a full ownership of your implementation and de-risk it. will be there when you need us. No 911 calls.

Here is what differentiate us from others, and will provide your peace of mind:

  • Proven delivery track record
  • Commitment for on-time and on-budget, high-quality project delivery
  • 100% flexibility (when, where, what, how)
  • End-to-end ownership of the technology’s entire deployment
  • Best practice deployment.
  • Offsite system simulation to certify the topology
  • Provision of service by certified professional experts
  • Faster problem resolution
  • Immediate, “high” R&D escalation
  • Dedicated, experienced project management as a focal point
  • Ability to “certify” the solution in the staging site
  • Innovative internal deployment, troubleshooting, diagnostics, and monitoring tools
  • Customer and partner knowledge transfer and empowerment as part of the engagement to make sure the local teams can take ownership
  • Price attractiveness
  • Offsite cable labeling and bundling to reduce time to production, manpower costs and risks
  • Smooth handover from professional services to support

Engage with us today and tell us when and where- we will be there!

Write us at services-sales@mellanox.com

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