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Mellanox Manpower Turnover Risk Reduction Program

Recent studies indicate that focused technology training (mainly hands-on oriented) is one of the most significant contributors to performance improvement, downtime reduction, and products’ TCO improvement.

We offer our customers and partners the newly created Manpower Turnover Risk Reduction Program, a special end-to-end program aimed at overcoming manpower changes, including proactive steps to ensure a scalable, smooth, and risk-free turnovers when the time comes.

The Manpower Turnover Risk Reduction Program consists of:


Remotely Delivered/On-Site Tailor-Made Training
Our training programs bring you Mellanox’s extensive and unique field experience with supercomputers and modern data centers. We upgrade and elevate the theoretical content to the highest practical level possible, providing the learners with data-center-oriented content.

Students who participate in this course will learn from world-class, certified instructors. The certified comprehensive training kit of the course includes updated presentations, quizzes, simulators, and videos. This course offers practical, hands-on exercises based on our unique experience from the field, backed with real lab access, using Mellanox’s Ethernet high-speed (100/200GbE/S) lab equipment.

A private training can be conducted for groups of 3 participants or more.

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System Detailed Review

A detailed review of the customer’s Mellanox Hardware and related support contracts

System Health Check

An end-to-end fabric interconnect health check to appoint short/long term risks and advise on ways to avoid them

System Documentation Best Practices

A methodological maintenance procedures’ documentation

Remote Diagnostics Review
Whether newly deployed or pre-existing, all networks need to be audited from time to time to ensure an optimal operation. The Remote Diagnostics Review package is designed to optimize Mellanox InfiniBand and Ethernet performance throughout all the stages of a network’s lifecycle.

A Mellanox engineer will (a) conduct a remote live diagnostic session to assess the current state of the network, (b) evaluate the gathered information and generate a report detailing the findings of the review, and (c) present the findings, highlighting positive items and outlining the appropriate actions for the problematic ones.

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