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Cable Bundling and Labeling

Optic cables are essential component of data-center projects. Cable bundling and labeling should be conducted in a precise way while following solid manufacturing methodologies and quality assurance standards and procedures. This is usually a resource-consuming mission that requires taking some operational and technical risks, a high cost of manpower, space, tools, waste handling, and resources.


The Solution

Mellanox’s Bundling and Labeling service provides a ready-to-deploy, tailor-made datacenter connectivity solution, matching the customer’s requirements by allowing the cables to be shipped on-site (or to the staging area) already labeled and bundled, ready to be deployed.

All our customers or partners need to do is share their cabling scheme with our experts. Once they’re reviewed and verified by the Mellanox team, we can produce ready-to-deploy state-of-the-art bundles.

Fewer Risks, Uncertainties, and On-Site Costs

This service (priced per cable) is provided on an all-inclusive basis (the shipment is Ex Works-based).

The Mellanox Global Services team can take care of the entire fabric preparation, installation, and configuration, and allow you to focus on your core competencies.

  1. Service Deliverables (all done in Mellanox’s Factory)
  • Review and verification of the detailed cabling (scheme and advise are accordingly provided)
  • Quality check for each cable
  • Labeling of cables on both ends according to the requirements and demands of the project, while following best practices and standards
  • Cables bundling using Velcro
  • Packing of bundles separately
  • The bundles are shipped to the staging area or the customer’s site
  1. Service Benefits
  • Mellanox end-to-end ownership(cable plan, design verification, labeling, and bundling)
  • Top level manufacturing standards
  • Mellanox end-to-end quality assurance
  • Significantly reduced operational and timeline risks
  • Significantly reduced required on-site resources and logistics
  • Customized bundle split is available
  • Significantly reduced space cost
  • On-site waste is significantly reduced (waste disposal handling cost is reduced)
  • Lead time is kept
  • Significant labor savings
  • Reduced tooling costs
  • Environmentally friendly

For more information, contact us today at services-sales@mellanox.com


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