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Secure Web Application Delivery at the Speed of Now (2020)
As today’s organizations undergo a digital transformation to address the changing business landscape and foster innovation, Mellanox ConnectX-6 Dx SmartNICs and BlueField-2 IPU-based Programmable SmartNICs, with built-in Inline-TLS acceleration technology, are revolutionizing the way organizations deliver scalable web applications, securing the fully connected world we live in today.
Tailor Made Network Operating System (2018) Docker is the world's leading open source software container platform. Learn how Running Docker containers over Mellanox's Spectrum™-based 25GbE and 100GbE switches simplifies the development and deployment of applications on switches, while offering end-users the ability to create their own unique differentiation.
Achieve Groundbreaking Security for VPN, Data Privacy & Data-in-Motion, while Reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) (2018) As cyber-attacks increase in sophistication and effectiveness, the once popular perimeter security scheme can no longer be relied upon to effectively protect the data center from such threats. In response to the growing global desire for privacy protection, Mellanox Innova IPsec, an advanced, high performance network controller, addresses multiple encryption needs and architectures, while providing extremely high throughput and lowering TCO.
Powering 8K Video for Next-Generation IP Broadcasting (2017) Next generation high performance IP-based studios are revolutionizing the broadcast industry. This trend is even more apparent when it comes to 4K/Ultra High Definition Video (UHDV), 8K with/without High Dynamic Range (HDR), High Frame Rate (HFR), and other technologies.
Real-time Network Visibility (2017) Data Center Visibility and Analysis in Real Time using Mellanox’s Spectrum™-based Open Ethernet Switches
Optimize your Cloud with the Right Network Adapters (April 2016)
The exponential rise in data volumes comes along with a growing need for on-demand computing that requires larger, high performing, and more efficient clouds, whether public or private.
RoCE is the RDMA Winner (December 2015)
The successful large scale deployment of RoCE in multiple hyperscale data centers has resulted in Mellanox capturing dominant market share of the 40GbE market. New advanced RoCE devices are now shipping that support the latest 25, 50, and 100Gb/s Ethernet speeds.
Replacing SAN with High Performance Windows Share over a Converged Network (November 2015) Converged storage delivers performance and scalability without the costs associated with traditional SAN. Based on Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 and Mellanox Ethernet solution, Newtech’s Cloudy III Plus leverages the performance boost from SMB3.0 and RDMA, and achieves high performance and improved efficiency for use cases such as broadcast and digital cinema applications.
RoCE vs. iWARP Competitive Analysis Brief (August 2015) When a network runs over Ethernet, RoCE provides a superior solution compared to iWARP. For the enterprise data center seeking the ultimate in performance, RoCE is clearly the choice, especially when latency-sensitive applications are involved. Moreover, RoCE is currently deployed in dozens of data centers with up to hundreds of thousands of nodes, while iWARP is virtually non-existent in the field.
Deploying Ceph with High Performance Networks, Architectures and benchmarks for Block Storage Solutions (May 2014) As data continues to grow exponentially storing today’s data volumes in an efficient way is a challenge. Many traditional storage solutions neither scale-out nor make it feasible from Capex and Opex perspective, to deploy Peta-Byte or Exa-Byte data stores. A novel approach is required to manage presentday data volumes and provide users with reasonable access time at a manageable cost.
This paper summarizes the installation and performance benchmarks of a Ceph storage solution. Ceph is a massively scalable, open source, software-defined storage solution, which uniquely provides object, block and file system services with a single, unified Ceph Storage Cluster.
SX1012: High Performance Small Scale Top-of-Rack Switch(October 2013) As new data center applications are used, new solutions are required to meet the demand for higher throughput without increasing the power consumption or cost.
A common way to connect servers or storage devices to the data center infrastructure is to deploy Top-of-Rack (ToR) switches. Most ToR switches available on the market today are 1RU in size and provide 48 to 64 10GbE ports. In some cases, the utilization level of these switches is lower than their maximum capacity for various reasons. This low utilization of switch ports equates to both high capital costs and higher operational costs (larger switches consume more power). Mellanox's SX1012 switch solution is designed to occupy half the width of a 19" rack in order to solve this issue while maintaining the high standards of performance switching that are found in other SwitchX-based systems while allowing for growth of the network.
Deploying Windows Server® 2012 (September 2013) Deploying Windows Server® 2012 with SMB Direct over Mellanox End-to-End 10/40Gb/s Ethernet Solutions.
Mellanox Virtual Modular Switch™ (May 2013) Traditionally, aggregation switching in data centers of Cloud providers, Web 2.0 providers, and large-scale enterprises has been based on modular switches. These switches are usually both expensive to purchase and to operate in addition to being optimized for specific sizes of clusters. They do not provide the flexibility required of today’s data centers and have lagged behind the technological progress achieved by the latest solutions.
To overcome this flexibility limitation of modular switches, users are shifting to fixed switches (or top-ofrack switches) to increase the efficiency in data center aggregation.
The Mellanox Virtual Modular Switch™ solution (VMS), comprised of Mellanox 10, 40, and 56GbE fixed switches, provides an ideal, optimized approach for aggregating racks. When compared to competing offerings, VMS excels with higher flexibility, better scalability and energy efficiency, while future-proofing the investment and reducing expenses.
SX1024: The Ideal Multi-Purpose Top-of-Rack Switch (May 2013) As new data center applications are used, new solutions are required to meet the demand for higher throughput, without increasing the power consumption or cost. Mellanox's SX1024 is an optimal top-of-rack switch (ToR) with 48 1/10GbE SFP+ ports and 12 QSFP interfaces which can operate at 1/10GbE, 40GbE or 56GbE speeds. The SX1024 enables non-blocking throughput between the rack and the aggregation layer, which makes it the optimal-performing switch for storage environments, high performance computing, Hadoop, and any other enterprise data center.
SX1036: The Ideal 40GbE Aggregation Switch (May 2013) As new data center applications are used, new solutions are required to meet the demand for higher throughput, without increasing the power consumption or cost. Mellanox's SX1036 36-Port 40/56GbE Switch System provides the highest-performing fabric solution in a 1U form factor by delivering over 4Tb/s of non-blocking throughput. It can be configured to provide 36 4X ports running at 40GbE or 56GbE, or provide up to 64 1GbE or 10GbE ports. The SX1036 switch system is also ready for Mellanox Open Ethernet, which provides the ability to terminate the dependency on the operating system and protocol stack of the switch vendor.
Highly Accurate Time Synchronization with ConnectX®-3 and TimeKeeper® (March 2013) Upgrading your trading platforms to reliable and precise time is achievable at a low cost and a rapid deployment model via the combination of Mellanox's ConnectX®-3 network adapter cards and TimeKeeper® Client software. TimeKeeper can assure sub-microsecond time precision from both the newer IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) or the standard Network Time Protocol (NTP) over shared (not dedicated) network links. Flexibility in time sources and automatic adapability to network quality allows for incremental changes to enterprise systems, and immediate high precision timing in critical components while less critical components see incremental performance improvement. For high quality links and time feeds, applications can see time locked to reference well within 500 nanoseconds of variation.
Deploying Apache™ Hadoop® with Colfax and Mellanox VPI Solutions (March 2013) Hadoop® has become the “go-to” framework for Map-Reduce systems. Increasing in popularity, Map-Reduce brings current and future users to look for systems which can deploy their application and framework's in a scalable manner. While more data is helpful for understanding a problem, the challenge is whether the infrastructure used to process the data provides the expected return. In this white paper we describe the build of a Hadoop cluster, using Mellanox InfiniBand FDR interconnect and highly powerful and reliable servers from Colfax International. The Hadoop version described is the Apache™ community Hadoop.
Power Saving Features in Mellanox Products (January 2013) The growth in Cloud and Web 2.0 storage and compute requirements in recent years has led to an increase in demand for larger, stronger, and more cost efficient data centers.
Tolly Report: Mellanox SX1016 & SX1036 10/40GbE Switches As data center demands continually increase, network architects seeks out the best performance combined with operational efficiency and scalability. Mellanox is focused on meeting these needs by developing L2/L3 Ethernet switches that offer high throughput, extremely low latency and ultra low power consumption.
Introduction to Cloud Design Cloud computing is a collection of technologies and practices used to abstract the provisioning and management of computer hardware. The goal is to simplify the users experience so they can get the benefit of compute resources on demand; or in the language of cloud computing "as a service".
Deploying Hadoop® with Mellanox End-to-End 10/40Gb Ethernet Solutions The Apache™ Hadoop® project develops open-source software for reliable, scalable, distributed computing. The described configurations and settings are used in the following CDH (Cloudera's Distribution, including Apache™ Hadoop®)
TIBCO, HP and Mellanox High Performance Extreme Low Latency Messaging With the recent release of TIBCO FTL™, TIBCO is once again changing the game when it comes to providing high performance messaging middleware. Many solutions have emerged to try and provide next generation systems with extreme low latency but they are doing this by sacrificing the traditional features and functions that mission critical middleware solutions require. TIBCO's approach is to offer a middleware solution that offers extreme low latency without sacrifice, allowing for the scalability not only to meet the demands for low latency data distribution but also to meet the demands as the application grows from a few instances to thousands of instances.
Achieving Data Center Networking Efficiency Data centers have been designed for years with the same hierarchical and expensive network design. But as the modern data center evolves to a scale-out, dynamic and virtualized shared services platform, it's time to re-evaluate the old architecture and see if there is a more efficient way.
The Next Phase of Datacenter Network Resource Management and Automation (March 2011) Executives want to undertake an "operational" transformation of IT to boost the effective use of IT assets and make it easier for organizations to react quickly to major positive or negative changes in the business environment.
Scaling-out Ethernet for the Data Center (February 2011) Computation infiltrates all aspects of our lives. More content and services are now digitized, requiring more storage and associated computation and network resources. As a result, data center capacities are constantly growing at a fast pace while budgets and available power remain at the same levels.
Informatica, HP, and Mellanox/Voltaire Benchmark Report: Ultra Messaging accelerated across three supported interconnects (February 2011) The securities trading market is experiencing rapid growth in volume and complexity with a greater reliance on trading software, which is supported by sophisticated algorithms. As this market grows, so do the trading volumes, bringing existing IT infrastructure systems to their limits.
Virtual Machine Migration Acceleration using Mellanox ConnectX-2 EN 40Gb/s IO Adapter (December 2010) Large virtualized environments including those found in cloud computing increase I/O performance requirements for applications such as VM migration. With high-performance and efficient networking, data center managers can migrate VMs to different servers faster, allowing them to meet stringent service level agreements (SLA) and lower total cost of ownership (TCO).
IBM WebSphere MQ Low Latency Messaging Software Tested With Arista 10 Gigabit Ethernet Switch and Mellanox® ConnectX®-2 EN with RoCE Adapter Delivers Reliable Multicast Messaging With Ultra Low Latency And High Throughput (August 2010) Microseconds matter in the ultra-competitive world of High Frequency Trading (HFT). Trading architectures that deliver the lowest latency solution are the difference between profit and loss for these financial firms. IBM, Mellanox and Arista have combined to demonstrate a low latency messaging transport solution that facilitates the high-speed delivery of market, trade, reference and event data, in or between front-, middle and back-office operations.
Red Hat Enterprise MRG with Mellanox ConnectX-2 10GigE NIC Deliver Determinism in Performance and Profitability (June 2010) Demanding datacenter applications require network infrastructures that can deliver reliable and deterministic performance. High-performance, low-latency networking solutions — combined with low-latency and deterministic performance-oriented software platforms — help deliver mission-critical application performance in the face of growing data and transaction volumes, and are able to handle sudden usage spikes without compromising performance. Red Hat Enterprise MRG with Mellanox ConnectX-2 EN with RoCE delivers the performance, reliability, and guaranteed application response times demanded by today’s datacenters.
ConnectX®-2 with RoCE (April 2010) ConnextX-2 with RoCE comes with many advantages and holds the promise to enable widespread deployment of RDMA technologies in mainstream data center applications.
Cisco Nexus Switches and UCS Servers with Mellanox ConnectX®-2 EN with RoCE for a Reliable and Low-Latency Data Center Infrastructure (April 2010) Demanding data center applications require network infrastructures that can deliver reliable and deterministic performance. High performance, low latency and lossless Ethernet fabrics serve as cornerstones in the delivery of mission critical application performance in the face of growing data and transaction volumes, and their ability to handle sudden usage spike without compromising performance.
Delivering Unmatched Messaging Performance with IBM WebSphere LLM and Mellanox ConnectX 10 Gigabit Ethernet Products (April 2010) WebSphere MQ Low Latency Messaging running over low-latency Ethernet can be used to implement the high-performance, highly available messaging infrastructure needed for the next generation implementations of exchange systems.
Exegy Ticker Plant & Mellanox ConnectX® EN with RoCE Delivers Breakthrough for Co-located Trading (April 2010) Exegy’s Ticker Plant and its clients can ingest millions of messages per second from today’s extremely busy stock, option and futures markets. With the incorporation of the latest Mellanox ConnectX-2 EN with RoCE adapters, customers need not hesitate to adopt this ground breaking technology since they can easily accommodate it over their familiar Ethernet networks.
RNA Networks Memory Virtualization Solution Using RNA MVX and Mellanox ConnectX®-2 EN with RoCE Accelerates Business Analytics by 10 Times (April 2010) ConnectX-2 EN with RoCE enables RNA MVX to achieve 1/3rd the latency using other 10GigE NICs using TCP/IP (that is not using RDMA and kernel bypass enabled by RoCE).
The Case for Low-Latency Ethernet (March 2009) The industry momentum behind Fibre over Ethernet (FCoE) sets some significant precedence that raises questions about what is the best approach for server to server messaging (or inter process communication or IPC) using zero-copy send/receive and remote DMA (RDMA) technologies over Ethernet.
ARISTA and Mellanox: Improving Application Performance While Reducing Complexity (October 2008) Advances in server virtualization, network storage, and compute clusters have driven the need for faster network throughput to address application latency and availability problems in the Enterprise. Yet today's economic demands require the Enterprise maintain reasonable or reduced capital and operational cost parameters. This white paper will address how Mellanox and Arista Networks substantially improve application performance while reducing network complexity.
The Case for InfiniBand over Ethernet (April 2008) Advances in server virtualization, network storage, and compute clusters have driven the need for faster network throughput to address application latency and vailability problems in the Enterprise. Yet today's economic demands require the Enterprise maintain reasonable or reduced capital and operational cost parameters. This white paper will address how Mellanox and Arista Networks substantially improve application performance while reducing network complexity.
7 Reasons to deploy a Mellanox ConnectX 10GbE (October 2008) Mellanox, the leader in the high performance interconnect technology has introduced the most compelling 10 Gigabit Ethernet silicon and adapter providing leading storage, virtualization and networking features. Mellanox dominates the 10 Gigabit Ethernet market by supporting several leading-edge technologies providing the utmost investment protection to data centers worldwide.

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