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Choose which Intel card you want to compare, and we’ll send you a comprehensive feature and functionality comparison report that shows how much more you can get by choosing NVIDIA® Mellanox® cards.

NVIDIA Mellanox Network adapters just work better, to see the numbers download your relevant report here.

    • Intel X520 10GbE
    • Intel X710 10GbE
    • Intel XXV710 25GbE
    • Intel E810 25GbE

NVIDIA Mellanox delivers advanced offloading and new features to meet the increasing demand for network bandwidth. Mellanox's time-to-market lead over Intel allows us to be first to introduce speed transitions and gives ConnectX a clear advantage in introducing innovative, mature feature sets. NVIDIA delivers the enhanced features required by the modern data center.

In These Comparison Tables:

  • The real numbers behind the technology, learn how to get more for your applications
  • Adapter Cards on the table, everything you need to know
  • Throughput, latency, message rates, offloads and much more
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Intel X520 10GbE
Intel X710 10GbE
Intel XXV710 25GbE
Intel E810 25GbE

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