Mellanox 25Gb/s Ethernet Adapters Chosen By Major ODMs to Enable Next Generation Hyperscale Data Centers

Wiwynn, Inventec, Acer, Mitac-TYAN and Others Select Mellanox Adapters for Cloud, Telecommunications, Web2.0 and Data Center Server Solutions

SUNNYVALE, CA and YOKNEAM, ISRAEL – April 18, 2017 – Mellanox® Technologies, Ltd. (NASDAQ: MLNX), a leading supplier of high-performance, end-to-end interconnect solutions for data center servers and storage systems, today announced that the ConnectX®-4 Lx 25Gb/s OCP and PCIe Ethernet adapters have been adopted by major ODMs. The ConnectX-4 Lx 25 gigabit Ethernet adapters provide 2.5 times the data throughput at lowest latency needed for data center applications while utilizing the same infrastructure as 10 gigabit Ethernet, thus maximizing the data center return on investment. The company is currently shipping hundreds of thousands of Ethernet adapters every quarter, reflecting a growing demand for Mellanox Ethernet solutions.

“We are proud to see our 25GbE solutions being deployed with our partner ODMs’ top-class servers, enabling the most cost-effective Ethernet connectivity for Hyperscale and cloud infrastructures,” said Gilad Shainer, vice president of marketing at Mellanox Technologies. “The state-of-the-art 25GbE speed provides superior price/performance advantages compared to 10GbE fabric, maximizing the data center return on investment.”

Since 2016, Wiwynn® Corporation, a leading cloud infrastructure provider of high quality computing and storage products, has shipped its OCP server SV7221G2 product family with the Mellanox 25GbE ConnectX-4 Lx OCP Mezzanine NICs and PCIe cards to major Internet service providers.

“With Mellanox ConnectX-4 Lx cards, our OCP server SV7221G2 product family can provide the advanced 25GbE features our customers need,” said Steven Lu, chief of product marketing at Wiwynn. “We see the market evolving into the 25Gb/s era and we are proud to be at the leading edge, helping to advance the market.”

“Inventec has qualified ConnectX-4 Lx 25GbE cards for TB800G4, Balder and K800G3 platforms to be supplied to major Cloud and Web2.0 providers in China,” said Evan Chien, China business line director, Inventec. “We are pleased to adopt the Mellanox ConnectX-4 Lx 25GbE card to provide hyperscale data center customers with the best fit for advanced applications and performance.”

Acer Inc., a Taiwanese multinational hardware and electronics corporation specializing in advanced electronics technology has also qualified ConnectX-4 Lx PCIe adapters and will soon offer their servers Altos R380 F3, R360 F3 and AW2000h F3, to the market.

Since 2016, Mitac-TYAN has been shipping ConnectX-3 Pro 40GbE OCP mezzanine cards and recently added the ConnectX-4 Lx 25GbE OCP mezzanine cards to its GT86A-B7083 server offering.

“TYAN has been successfully shipping the ConnectX-3 Pro 40GbE OCP mezzanine cards and now is proud to add the 25GbE ConnectX-4 Lx OCP cards to our servers’ offerings,” said Mr. Danny Hsu, vice president of MiTAC Computing Technology Corporation’s TYAN Business Unit. “We see increasing demand for 25GbE in the market, and working with Mellanox to deliver state-of-the-art network cards that benefit our customer’s deployments tremendously.”

ConnectX-4 Lx, the industry’s most efficient 10, 25, 40, 50Gb/s Ethernet intelligent adapter, enables datacenters to migrate from 10G to 25G and from 40G to 50G speeds with similar power consumption, cost, and infrastructure needs. Together with RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE), ConnectX-4 Lx dramatically improves storage and compute platform efficiency. With ConnectX-4 Lx, IT and applications managers can leverage greater data speeds of 25G and 50G to handle the growing demands for data analytics today.

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