Mellanox Announces Record Breaking Performance Enabling Stateful Packet Processing at 400Gb/s with the NPS-400 Network Processor

NPS-400 Enables World-Leading Intrusion Detection and Prevention and Other Security Systems, Utilizing Embedded Deep Packet Inspection and Stateful Packet Processing Software Libraries

SUNNYVALE, CA and YOKNEAM, ISRAEL – DEC 6, 2016 – Mellanox Technologies, Ltd. (NASDAQ: MLNX), a leading supplier of high-performance, end-to-end interconnect solutions for data center servers and storage systems, today announced the availability of Deep Packet Inspection and Stateful Packet Processing software libraries showing unprecedented performance on Mellanox’s newest NPS-400 Network Processor. These software libraries, coupled with the hardware acceleration capabilities of the NPS-400, enable Deep Packet Inspection processing for application recognition at record breaking processing rates of up to 400Gb/s, in conjunction with handling of 100 million flows with an average packet size of 400 bytes. These processing capabilities enable Mellanox customers to build world-leading Intrusion Detection Systems and Intrusion Prevention Systems and to accelerate processing capabilities for switch routers.

The Stateful Packet Processing and the Deep Packet Inspection libraries enable developers to delve deeper into the network packets for better understanding of the network flows. This brings to IT managers the ability to enhance security and prevent malicious access to their data centers.

It also allows cost-effective load balancing, network monitoring or any other appliances based on network flow recognition.

“The NPS-400 Network Processor enables data centers managers to leverage the performance breakthrough in network processing to build the most cost effective and enhanced network flow recognition appliances,” said Dror Goldenberg, vice president of software architecture at Mellanox Technologies. “In particular, security has become a critical factor in today’s data center, and with NPS-400 IT managers can dramatically enhance their intrusion detection and prevention capabilities for example. We are working with multiple partners to deliver those solutions to the market.”

“Qosmos is very excited to collaborate with Mellanox providing a record breaking performance of Stateful Packet Processing and Deep Packet Inspection at 400Gb/s on the Mellanox NPS-400 solution,” said Thibaut Bechetoille, CEO of Qosmos. “Deep Packet Inspection drives L7 applications intelligence in the network and we expect further deployment of L7 services at more and more places in the network.”

“Mellanox’s flow processing and Deep Packet Inspection benchmarks show the NPS-400 delivers on its promise of unprecedented Layer 4–7 performance,” said Bob Wheeler, principal analyst at The Linley Group. “The highly programmable NPS-400 enables a new breed of white-box appliance suitable for the most demanding SDN and NFV applications.”

These software libraries are available as part of the NPS-400 software development kit and can be obtained in source code format as part of standard licensing and support agreements. In addition, these libraries are compatible with the SDK released through in open source.

NPS is a Mellanox family of high-end network processors capable of very sophisticated packet processing functions and is programmable in C in the Linux environment. The NPS is capable of performing L2-7 packet processing and is well-tuned for router-type functions as well as more sophisticated functions like Deep packet processing for IPS/IDS or application recognition, firewalling or DDOS functions.

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