Mellanox 'InfiniBand Accelerated' Supercomputers Continue Rapid Growth on Distinguished Top500

Latest list reveals number of InfiniBand-based supercomputers grew 33% since November 2005

INTERNATIONAL SUPERCOMPUTING CONFERENCE 2006, DRESDEN, GERMANY – JUNE 28, 2006 – Mellanox™ Technologies Ltd, the leader in business and technical computing interconnects, today announced that InfiniBand continues to be the fastest growing cluster interconnect, according to the 27th edition of the TOP500 list of the world’s most powerful computers. Sixteen new InfiniBand-based supercomputers have registered in the June 2006 list while three of the top ten most prominent ranking positions use InfiniBand interconnect – all based on Mellanox silicon solutions.

Published twice a year, the TOP500 list ranks the most powerful computer systems according to the Linpack benchmark rating system. The list, available at, was presented by Dr. Erich Strohmaier at the International SuperComputing 2006 – the world’s leading conference on high-performance computing (HPC). Further highlights of InfiniBand interconnect usage on the June 2006 Top500 list include:

  • The three most powerful supercomputers using industry-standard InfiniBand interconnect are the only entries in the top 10 that use commercially available components – the rest are built on proprietary technologies
  • InfiniBand is the only high-speed, low-latency interconnect that reported an increasing rate of 33%, including 16 new supercomputers on the list, while proprietary interconnects, such as Myrinet, showed continued decline
  • The average efficiency of all reported InfiniBand-based supercomputers is 72% -- far superior to the average efficiency of Gigabit Ethernet connected clusters at 53%

“InfiniBand’s continued growth matched with the decline in usage of proprietary interconnects demonstrates that high-performance compute clusters favor industry-standard technologies,” said Thad Omura, vice president of product marketing at Mellanox Technologies. “Widely available 10Gb/s and 20Gb/s InfiniBand performance interconnect solutions are proven to efficiently scale multi-thousand node supercomputers today.”

Mellanox congratulates the following 40 companies reporting InfiniBand connectivity use on the June 2006 list:

Installation Site Rankings
4 NASA/Ames Research Center/NAS
6 Sandia National Laboratories
7 GSIC Center, Tokyo Institute of Technology
28 Virginia Tech
49 Institute of Physical and Chemical Res. (RIKEN)
56 Wright-Patterson Air Force Base/DoD ASC
65 Texas Advanced Computing Center/Univ. of Texas
66 University of Sherbrooke
68 Intel
69 Los Alamos National Laboratory
73 NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center
74 University of North Carolina
88 University of Oklahoma
90 Sun
91 KTH - Royal Institute of Technology
96 Los Alamos National Laboratory
130 NCSA
138 Classified
139 Hewlett-Packard
190 IBM On Demand Center
191 IBM On Demand Center
192 IBM On Demand Center
210 Hewlett-Packard
224 Galactic Computing (Shenzhen) Ltd.
230 Los Alamos National Laboratory
255 Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology
280 The University of Florida High-Performance Computing Center
367 Trinity College Dublin
436 SARA (Stichting Academisch Rekencentrum)
450 Sandia National Laboratories
452 Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
455 Intel
460 Texas Advanced Computing Center/Univ. of Texas
483 AMD Developer Center
488 Arizona State University High Performance Computing Center
490 United Institute of Informatics Problems

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