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Complete Network Starter Kit for Nutanix

Introducing a New Nutanix Networking Kit from Mellanox

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The complete network starter kit from Mellanox provides all the essentials to connect a single Nutanix rack of up to 48 nodes. Using this network kit from Mellanox, you can simply network your Nutanix rack in a few minutes.

Now the network can be as simple as your Nutanix Enterprise cloud. Mellanox offers an Ethernet network solution for Nutanix that is:

The Starter Kit

The Nutanix network starter kit includes everything you need to connect a Nutanix cluster in a rack including two TOR switches, cabling between them, and network orchestration software providing a redundant solution with only using 1U of rack space. Tight integration with Nutanix AHV provides network configuration that is fast to deploy and easy to manage. Learn more about the Mellanox-Nutanix partnership.

With two Ethernet switch models to choose from, the starter kit is customizable to fit the needs of your datacenter. Simply choose from either the Mellanox SN2010 or the SN2100 switch models, and the rest of the kit will come with everything you need to get your Nutanix connected in minutes!

Included in the kit:

  • Two Top of Rack Switches
  • Rack Mount Kit
  • Network Orchestration Software
  • Silver Support
  • Passive Copper Cables

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