HPE M-Series Ethernet Switches

HPE StoreFabric M-series Ethernet switch family designed and optimized for flash ready performance, flexibility and value for all storage environments. M-series switch family allows maximum flexibility with port speeds from 1GE to 100GbE while supporting a variety of industry standard Layer 2 and Layer 3 protocols. M-series switches are storage optimized for both Primary & Secondary storage environments. It’s capable of delivering flash ready performance and agility to keep pace with the most intense storage and data center workloads. It offers lower power consumption per port and creating the most cost effective solution with low latency for any and all cases.

DescriptionHPE Part Number
HPE M-Series SN2100 8 port 25Gb Ethernet ½ width Storage Switch Q2F23A
HPE M-Series SN2100 16 port 25Gb Ethernet ½ width Storage Switch Q2F24A
HPE SN2100M Rack Installation Kit Q2F25A
HPE M-Series SN2410 48x25Gb + 8x100Gb port Ethernet Storage Switch Q2F22A
HPE M-Series SN2410 24x25Gb + 4x100Gb port Ethernet Storage Switch Q6M27A
HPE M-Series SN2700 32 port 100Gb Ethernet Storage Switch Q2F21A
HPE M-Series SN2700 16 (enabled) port 100Gb Ethernet Storage Switch Q6M26A
HPE M-Series SN2410b 48x10Gb + 8x40Gb port Ethernet Storage Switch Q6M28A
HPE M-Series SN2410b 24x10Gb + 4x40Gb port Ethernet Storage Switch Q6M29A
HPE SN2700M 100GbE 16p Upgrade E-LTU Q6J39AAE
HPE SN2410M 25GbE 24p Upgrade E-LTU Q6J40AAE
HPE SN2410bM 10GbE 24p Upgrade E-LTU Q6J41AAE
HPE SN2100M 100GbE 8p Upgrade E-LTU Q2M94AAE
HPE SN2100M Rack Installation Kit Q2F25A

Mellanox SH2200 Switch Module for HPE Synergy

The SH2200 Switch Module enables the transition to the next generation of Ethernet performance, offering native 25, 50, and 100GbE connectivity options for the Synergy platform. It also enables 25 and 50 Gb/s Ethernet compute and storage connectivity while benefiting from even higher speed 100 Gb/s uplinks. In addition to providing future proof connectivity, this is an important addition to the HPE Synergy fabric portfolio, bringing high performance Ethernet connectivity into applications previously unserved by this class of high-performance switches. Applications including financial trading and analytics, scientific computing, cloud, and NFV (Network Function Virtualization) greatly benefit from full line rate, zero packet loss, and ultra-low 300ns latency Ethernet switches. The Spectrum switch module connects HPE Synergy compute module with an Ethernet switch fabric of unmatched performance and latency, which is ideal for cloud, financial services, telco and HPC.

DescriptionHPE Part Number
HPE Synergy SH2200 25Gb Ethernet Switch 866573-B21
HPE Synergy 6420C 25/50Gb Mezzanine Adapter 868779-B21

Mellanox InfiniBand Switches

Mellanox's family of InfiniBand switches deliver the highest performance and port density with complete fabric management solutions to enable compute clusters and converged data centers to operate at any scale while reducing operational costs and infrastructure complexity. Mellanox switches includes a broad portfolio of Edge and Director switches supporting 40, 56,100 and 200Gb/s port speeds and ranging from 8 ports to 800 ports. These switches allow IT managers to build the most cost-effective and scalable switch fabrics ranging from small clusters up to 10's-of-thousands of nodes, and can carry converged traffic with the combination of assured bandwidth and granular quality of service ensuring the highest productivity.

photo of Mellanox switch

DescriptionHPE Part Number
Mellanox IB EDR 36P Unmanaged Switch 834976-B21
Mellanox IB EDR 36P Unmanaged RAF Switch 834977-B21
Mellanox IB EDR 36P Managed Switch 834978-B21
Mellanox IB EDR 36P Managed RAF Switch 834979-B21
Mellanox IB EDR v2 36p Unmanaged Switch 834976-B22
Mellanox IB EDR v2 36P Unmanaged RAF Switch 834977-B22
Mellanox IB EDR v2 36p Managed Switch 834978-B22
Mellanox IB EDR v2 36P Managed RAF Switch 834979-B22
Mellanox IB EDR 36p Unmanaged Switch 834976-B21
Mellanox IB EDR 648p Switch Chassis N+N PS 843188-B21
Mellanox IB EDR 324p Switch Chassis N+N PS 843189-B21
Mellanox IB EDR 216p Switch Chassis N+N PS 843190-B21
Mellanox IB Leaf Board 36p Switch IB-2 843193-B21
Mellanox IB Spine Board 36p Switch IB-2 843192-B21
X86 dual core Chassis Management Board 843191-B21
IB QDR/FDR 648P Switch Chassis N+N PS 674277-B21
IB QDR/FDR 324P Switch Chassis N+N PS 674278-B21
IB QDR/FDR 216P Switch Chassis N+N PS 674279-B21
IB QDR/FDR Modular Management Board 674280-B21
IB FDR Modular Fabric Board 674282-B21
IB FDR Modular Line Board 674284-B21

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