InfiniBand/VPI Software Overview

Mellanox InfiniBand and VPI drivers, protocol software and tools are supported by respective major OS Vendors and Distributions Inbox and/or by Mellanox where noted. Mellanox software also supports all major processor architectures.

Mellanox InfiniBand drivers support Linux, Microsoft Windows and VMware ESXi as described in the table below.

InfiniBand Software/Drivers Quick Links
Description OS Support Release Notes
Mellanox OFED Linux - MLNX_OFED OS Support v5.1-
Mellanox OFED for Windows - WinOF OS Support v5.50.53000
Mellanox OFED for Windows - WinOF-2 OS Support v2.50.51000
Mellanox OFED for FreeBSD Driver OS Support v3.5.2 ConnectX-4 and above
v2.1.6 ConnectX-3
Mellanox OFED GPUDirect -- v1.1
InfiniBand OFED Driver for VMware® ESX Server OS Support v2.4.0
Mellanox FlexBoot
-- v3.6.102: ConnectX-4 and later
v3.4.746: ConnectX-3
HPC-X - v2.7

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