NVIDIA Mellanox BlueField DPU

Data Processing Unit (DPU)

Free Up the CPU,

Maximize Your ROI

NVIDIA® Mellanox® BlueField® Data Processing Unit (DPU) is the best solution for addressing performance, network and cyber-security concerns of the modern data-center. Integrating the world-leading Mellanox ConnectX network adapter with a set of Arm processors makes BlueField deliver powerful functionality, including bare metal provisioning, stateful L4 firewall and more.

Modern data center servers suffer from heavy compute and storage workloads spending valuable CPU cores on processing and steering network traffic instead of on critical application processing. Mellanox BlueField-based family of SmartNICs is the best solution for addressing performance-driven, cloud-oriented and cyber-security concerns while freeing up host CPUs. By utilizing state of the art hardware accelerations, with an array of Arm cores for flexibility and programmability at speeds ranging from 10G up to 100G bit per second BlueField SmartNIC offers an impressive range of capabilities for storage, networking or security workloads.

BlueField used as a controller integrates all the discrete components of a storage system appliance into a single chip, including Arm core CPUs, PCIe switch and a network controller, making it the premier solution for building Just-a-Bunch-Of-Flash (JBOF) systems, All-Flash-Array and storage appliances for NVMe over Fabrics. BlueField integrated PCIe switch supports up to 32 lanes of both Gen3 or Gen4, so it can transfer more than 200Gb/s of data to/from SSDs and is ready for the new PCIe Gen4-enabled SSDs. By deploying Mellanox BlueField DPU and Controller Cards customers gain the best of all worlds: the advantage of Mellanox’s vast and proven success in RoCE and NVMe-oF deployments with high performance I/O acceleration and networking.

BlueField Multicore ASIC

BlueField is optimized for NVMe storage systems, Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), security systems, and embedded appliances. The DPU targets I/O-intensive and compute intensive applications that combine data-plane and control-plane services for storage and networking such as : All-Flash-Arrays, NVMe driver controller, Storage RAID, disaggregated rack storage, programmable server adapter with OVS and NFV offloads and more. BlueField integrates the Mellanox ConnectX controller and an array of 64-bit Armv8 A72 cores interconnected by a coherent mesh network and a DDR4 memory controller. Software developers can leverage the broad Arm ecosystem and software from the open communities for greater market reach and business opportunities.

BlueField Controller Card

Mellanox BlueField Dual Port 100Gb/s Controller Card leverages all the features of the BlueField DPU in a convenient PCIe standard form factor, making it an ideal controller card for Storage, Networking, Security appliances or platforms. Mellanox BlueField Dual Ethernet and InfiniBand Port 100Gb/s Controller increases storage platform ROI by delivering the highest NVMe-oF target performance. The controller card also exposes up to PCIe Gen3.0/4.0 x32, simplifying integration of one or many cards into existing or new JBOF and JBOD systems. In addition, the controller card can be used as a high performance networking card for network and security appliances.

BlueField Programmable SmartNIC

BlueField Data Processing Unit (DPU) is the IC at the heart of software programmable SmartNICs. The 100Gb/s BlueField high-performance and software-programmable networking capabilities enable the SmartNIC to customize and optimize both control plane and data path operations. Key features include an embedded virtual switch with programmable ACLs, transport offloads, stateless encapsulation and decapsulation of overlay protocols (NVGRE, VXLAN, MPLS), dedicated hardware offloads (including NVMe-oF), as well as superior RDMA and GPUDirect® accelerators.

BlueField Reference Platforms

BlueField Reference Platforms are a family of flexible and efficient BlueField systems designed for customers to evaluate, develop and process sophisticated solutions for Storage, Networking and Machine Learning environments. Capitalizing on the smart offload and other advanced capabilities of BlueField DPU, the BlueField Platforms deliver extremely low latency and high throughput in a multi-purpose, fully-programmable hardware environment.

The BlueField platforms are available in two flavors:

  • 1U Reference Platform for high performance cloud and networking solutions.
  • 2U Reference Platform for advanced NVMe storage use cases.
    - System includes: NVMe-ready modular mid-plane and connectivity of up to 16 SSDs (SSDs not included) and connectivity of up to 2 GPUs via PCIe 4.0 x16 interface.

BlueField Solution Partners

Enabling the future of the data-center, today.

Mellanox BlueField DPU-based product family unlocks unprecedented performance, scalability, and infrastructure efficiency for a wide range of cloud and data-center applications.

Leveraging the BlueField platform, Mellanox is partnered with innovative technology vendors to deliver best-of-breed solutions including enterprise NVMe storage, zero-trust security and industrial IoT, among others.

Key Partner Features

  • Consistent and predictable performance – BlueField delivers unmatched performance in Ethernet and InfiniBand network environments
  • Scalable, future-proof design – BlueField offers a broad coverage of configurations best suited for the most demanding workloads
  • Innovative and efficient – BlueField enables next-generation IoT and edge computing platforms while reducing total cost of ownership

Configuration Tools

Mellanox provides a series of tools to properly configure a cluster based on your choice of interconnect (InfiniBand or Ethernet).

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