Mellanox HPC-X® ScalableHPC Software Toolkit

To meet the needs of scientific research and engineering simulations, supercomputers are growing at an unrelenting rate. The Mellanox HPC-X ScalableHPC Toolkit is a comprehensive MPI and SHMEM/PGAS software suite for high performance computing environments. HPC-X provides enhancements to significantly increase the scalability and performance of message communications in the network. HPC-X enables you to rapidly deploy and deliver maximum application performance without the complexity and costs of licensed third-party tools and libraries.
HPC-X main features are:

  • Complete MPI, PGAS/SHMEM package, including Mellanox UCX and FCA acceleration engines
  • MPI specification 3 compliant
  • OpenSHMEM 1.4 specification compliant, starting from version 2.3
  • Offload collectives communication from MPI process onto Mellanox interconnect hardware
  • Maximize application performance with underlying hardware architecture
  • Fully optimized for Mellanox InfiniBand and VPI interconnect solutions
  • Increased application scalability and resource efficiency
  • Multiple transport support including RC, DC and UD
  • Intra-node shared memory communication
  • Multi-rail support with message striping
  • GPU-direct with CUDA support

  • UCX - Unified Communication X (UCX) Framework
  • FCA - Fabric Collectives Accelerator supporting MPI-3
  • HPC-X MPI - Message Passing Interface based on Open MPI
  • HPC-X OpenSHMEM - One-sided Communications Library

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