SB7800 Series – Switch-IB™ 2 EDR 100Gb/s InfiniBand Smart Switches

36-port Non-blocking EDR 100Gb/s InfiniBand Smart Switch

Mellanox provides the world's first smart switch, enabling in-network computing through Scalable Hierarchical Aggregation Protocol (SHARP) technology. The SB7800 series has the highest fabric performance available in the market with up to 7.2Tb/s of non-blocking bandwidth with 90ns port-to-port latency.

Faster servers based on PCIe 3.0, combined with high-performance storage and applications that use increasingly complex computations, are causing data bandwidth requirements to spiral upward. As servers are deployed with next generation processors, High- Performance Computing (HPC) environments and Enterprise Data Centers (EDC) will need every last bit of bandwidth delivered with Mellanox's next generation of EDR InfiniBand high-speed smart switches.

Built with Mellanox's Switch-IB 2 InfiniBand switch device, the SB7800 series provides up to 36 100Gb/s full bi-directional bandwidth per port. SB7800 smart network switch is designed to enable in-network computing through the Co-Design Scalable Hierarchical Aggregation Protocol (SHARP) technology. The Co-Design architecture enables the usage of all active data center devices to accelerate the communications frameworks using embedded hardware, resulting in order of magnitude applications performance improvements.

  • Performance
    • 36 X EDR 100Gb/s ports in a 1U switch
    • 7.2Tb/s aggregate switch throughput
    • Up to 7.02 billion messages-per-second
    • 90ns switch latency
    • 136W typical power consumption
  • Optimized Design
    • 1+1 redundant & hot-swappable power
    • N+1 redundant & hot-swappable fans
    • 80 gold+ and energy star certified power supplies
    • Dual-core x86 CPU
  • Advanced Design
    • Adaptive routing
    • Collective offloads (SHARP)
  • Industry-leading switch platform in performance, power, and density
  • Collective communication acceleration
  • Quick and easy setup and management
  • Maximizes performance by removing fabric congestions
  • Backward compatible to FDR technology

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