InfiniBand Long-Haul Systems

Mellanox Long-Haul systems enable the seamless connectivity of remote InfiniBand data centers, storage or other remote InfiniBand platforms together. MetroX-2 and MetroX extend the availability of InfiniBand’s high data throughput, native Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) communications and advanced routing, and other advanced capabilities to remote InfiniBand platforms, with a distance of tens of kilometers between them.

MetroX-2 and MetroX users can easily and effectively migrate application jobs from one InfiniBand center to another, or combine the compute power of multiple remote data centers together for higher overall performance and scalability.

MetroX®-2 Systems

Based on the 200Gb/s HDR InfiniBand Mellanox Quantum™ Switch, the MetroX-2 product family seamlessly connects InfiniBand data centers 10 and 40 km apart, enabling native RDMA connectivity across distributed compute or storage platforms.

Mellanox MetroX® Systems

40Gb/s Long-Haul InfiniBand Switch systems support up to 80 kilometers of long-haul connectivity.

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