Mellanox NEO®

Cloud Networking Orchestration and Management Software

Mellanox NEO is a powerful platform for data-center network orchestration, designed to simplify network provisioning, monitoring and operations of the modern data-center. NEO offers robust automation capabilities that extend existing tools, from network staging and bring-up, to day-to-day operations. NEO serves as a network API for Mellanox Ethernet solutions, and offers integrations with partner solutions of VMware, OpenStack, Nutanix, Cumulus Networks, and more.

Built upon a robust software architecture, Mellanox NEO addresses key challenges faced by IT and DevOps teams with network deployment and day-to-day operations, including the following:
  • Network Provisioning Automation – NEO offers a rich set of pre-defined automation capabilities for network provision, including zero-touch provisioning, one-click provision, etc. for creation of leaf-spine network infrastructure, setting-up MLAG and routing protocols, and other network services. NEO’s provisioning engine to execute any network provisioning operation on a network-wide level.
  • Configuration Management – NEO acts as a central configuration repository within the fabric, as it backs-up all device configurations regularly. NEO enables easy tracking of configuration changes over time, provision new devices based on global config templates, and rollback device configuration to a well-known state.
  • Software Management – NEO offers automation of software upgrades across Mellanox SX1000 and SN2000 series of switch systems and Connect-X series of adapters. Notifications are received whenever a device is running with outdated software, and new software versions are made available at
  • Task Management – NEO enables task creation and schedule of provisioning operations into predefined maintenance windows and re-occurrence, to avoid impact on production services and applications. Tasks can be grouped together to run in a sequence, transforming complex end-to-end network operation into a well-defined automation script.
  • Network Visibility – NEO enables in-depth visibility into network health, traffic utilization and performance through various dashboards and heat-maps, consolidated into one single pane of glass.
  • 3rd Party Integrations – NEO offers integrations with cloud partners’ solutions that extend network automation of existing tools including OpenStack services, Nutanix Prism and VMware vSphere. Furthermore, NEO’s comprehensive set of APIs and SDK enable customers and partners to build custom integration to address additional use-cases.
  • Virtual Appliance Deployment – a NEO pre-packaged virtual machine allows for simple deployments in both new and existing fabrics. NEO Virtual Appliance is available in various file formats compatible with leading virtualization platforms including VMware ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V, Nutanix AHV, Red Hat Virtualization, IBM PowerKVM, and more.