Software Development Kits for NP Product Family

EZdesign® and EZdriver®

Mellanox offers a comprehensive Software Development Kit (SDK) consisting of microcode development tools, software tools, sample code, and host Application Programming Interface (API) library to facilitate software development for its NP family of network processors (NP-5, NPA,…).

EZdesign manages the data plane and allows designers to create, build and debug microcode applications for the Mellanox NP family. Designers can quickly develop microcode for the Mellanox NPs, and test the microcode using the provided simulation and debugging tools. In addition, EZdesign provides GUI tools to easily define the various configurations and search structures for the network processor.

EZdesign also includes an applications library with sample code implementing high-level applications for reference when designing new networking platforms and services. Sample code is available for L2 switching, Metro Ethernet, MPLS LER and SER, IPv4/IPv6 routing, Access Control Lists (ACL), IEEE 1588 1-step implementation, fragmentation and defragmentation, multicasting, and L23 QoS.

EZdriver API C library manages the control plane and facilitates the development of host software for systems based on the Mellanox NP family. EZdriver provides a set of libraries for easy configuration and management of the Mellanox NPs. In addition, EZdriver provides tools and utilities for rapid development of the host application, such as automatic C source code generation from EZdesign configuration files.

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