BlueField® Data Processing Unit (DPU) Software Package

The BlueField family of DPU devices combine an array of 64-bit Armv8 A72 cores coupled with the ConnectX® interconnect. Standard and commercial Linux distributions run on the Arm cores thus allowing common open source development tools to be used. Developers will find the programming environment familiar and intuitive which in turn allows them to quickly and efficiently design, implement and verify their control-plane and data-plane applications.

Mellanox provides software that enables users to fully utilize the BlueField Data Processing Unit (DPU) and enjoy the rich feature-set it provides. Using the BlueField software development kit (SDK) and OS distributions users will be able to:

  • Quickly and easily boot an initial Linux OS image on your BlueField platform
  • Port existing applications to and develop new applications for BlueField
  • Patch, configure, rebuild, update or otherwise customize your image
  • Debug, profile, and tune the development system using open source development tools and taking advantage of the diverse and vibrant Arm ecosystem

Mellanox BlueField2 Data Processing Unit (DPU)

Software Development Kit

BlueField Diagram

BlueField-2 SmartNIC

Ubuntu server ships with the Mellanox BlueField-2 series. Ubuntu server is a commercial grade Linux distribution based on Debian and maintained by Canonical with continues OS and Security updates. Ubuntu enables quick and easy deployment of open source packages and porting of applications to the BlueField-2 series, the distribution includes Mellanox OFED stack and the Mellanox ASAP2 solution that combines the performance and efficiency of server/storage networking hardware with the flexibility of virtual switching software and separated SDN control plane running on the Arm cores.

BlueField Controller Cards and Reference Platform

BlueOS™ ships with the Mellanox BlueField Controller Cards and Reference Platform. BlueOS is a reference Linux distribution based on the Yocto Poky distribution and extended to include the Mellanox OFED stack for Arm and a Linux kernel that supports NVMe-oF. BlueOS is capable of running all customer-based Linux applications seamlessly. Yocto also provides an SDK which contains an extremely flexible cross-build environment allowing software targeted for the BlueField DPU to build on virtually any x86 server running any Linux distribution.

Other software elements that are delivered with BlueField DPU are:

  • Arm Trusted Firmware (ATF) for BlueField
  • UEFI for BlueField
  • Hardware Diagnostics
  • Mellanox OFED stack with ASAP2
  • Mellanox MFT
  • OpenBMC for BMC (ASPEED 2500) found on the reference platform

Debug Tools

BlueField DPU includes hardware support for the Arm DS5 suite as well as CoreSight™ debug & trace. As such, a wide range of commercial off-the-shelf Arm debug tools can work seamlessly with BlueField. The BlueField DPU also supports the ubiquitous GDB debugger.

Commercial Distributions

Mellanox is working with OS vendors and partners to support common commercial Linux distributions. Please approach Mellanox sales for further information.


Use Cases

BlueField Adapter/SmartNIC for Bare Metal Provisioning

The BlueField-2 SmartNIC is shipped with Ubuntu pre-installed. The BlueField adapter ARM execution environment can be fully isolated from the x86 host and uses a dedicated network management interface (separate from the x86 host’s management interface). The Arm cores can run the Open vSwitch Database (OVSDB) or other virtual switches to create a secure solution for bare metal provisioning. The software package also includes support for DPDK as well as applications for encryption and a stateful L4-based firewall which can be accelerated by the SmartNIC hardware engines. Learn more.

BlueField based Storage Appliance

Mellanox BlueOS provides the foundation for building a JBOF (Just a Bunch Of Flash) storage system including NVMe-oF target Software, PCIe Switch support, NVDIMM-N Support and NVMe disk hot-swap support. BlueOS allows enabling Mellanox ConnectX offload such as RDMA/RoCE, T10 DIF signature offload, erasure coding offload, iSER, Storage Spaces Direct and more. Learn more.


NVMe SNAP (Software-defined Network Accelerated Processing) enables hardware virtualization of NVMe storage. The Mellanox NVMe SNAP framework enables customers to easily integrate networked storage solutions into their cloud or enterprise server deployments. Learn more.

Eye on Mellanox - How Mellanox BlueField SmartNICs Transforms Bare-Metal Clouds

Eye on Mellanox: ConnectX & BlueField Empower Cloud Security Solutions

BlueField SmartNIC bring up

NOTE: BlueOS is sold with the BlueField product.

To download MLNX_OFED for BlueField Arm side,please select the RHEL/CentOS Alternate architecture versions.
To download MLNX_OFED for BlueField SmartNIC Host, please select the x86 architecture versions.

Product Version Download MD5SUM
BlueField BMC 2.6.0-61 BlueField-BMC-2.6.0-61-software.tar.x fadbd51b8f7a5fa16c2107e96939efbc
BlueField-BMC-2.6.0-61-image-bmc 39d4b73599e024c6b944d84ac67d8f4f
BlueField BMC 2.6.0-58 BlueField-BMC-2.6.0-58-software.tar.x 9A62F61A740F16401B2681A9F662989C
BlueField-BMC-2.6.0-58-image-bmc 6404BD5F5BB70F6D7D1E547F3DFD5820
BlueField BMC 2.6.0-55 BlueField-BMC-2.6.0-55-software.tar.x 0390ae8a340feeaeaaac4aedd05b5c6c
BlueField-BMC-2.6.0-55-image-bmc 457cd96d1283bb052bca27ab3696107d
BlueField BMC 2.6.0-53 BlueField-BMC-2.6.0-53-software.tar.x 7c9329e0d19f9f1ed5b97ccf3466c3a1
BlueField-BMC-2.6.0-53-image-bmc c75e39c784bfb998d87a4663fd2c35aa
BlueField BMC 6.0.00200-64 BlueField-BMC-6.0.0200-64-software.tar.xz 04b81cd0a1a271c903947e415efffb25
BlueField-BMC-6.0.0200-64-image-bmc b6e6d2889afb301667084a1db668b55a

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