Switch Software Development Kit

The Switch Software Development Kit (SDK), compatible with Mellanox’s SwitchX-2, Switch-IB and Spectrum switch ICs, allows switch OEMs and Network Operating System (NOS) vendors to bring to market flexible, innovative and cost-effective switching solutions, based on InfiniBand, Ethernet and Virtual Protocol Interconnect (VPI) across a single fabric.

With the growing demand for customization and feature richness in the HPC, cloud, Web2.0, storage and Enterprise Data Center, SwitchX SDK provides the flexibility to implement any switching and routing functionality via a well-defined and well-documented set of Application Programming Interface (API), at low cost and short time-to-market.

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  • Easily portable code base for fast time- to-market
  • Linux development environment
  • API Library written in ANSI “C”
  • Flexible development environment
  • Seamless integration with SwitchX Development Kit enabling development on CPU and OS of choice
  • 7.2Tb/s Unified forwarding capacity
  • Up to 36-ports 10/20/40/56/100Gb/s InfiniBand, 32-ports 40/100GbE, 64-ports 10/25/50GbE
  • Low-latency Ethernet and InfiniBand gateways and routers between protocols
  • Multiple API levels for flexibility
  • Support for Adaptive Routing/ Congestion Control/QoS
  • SwitchX SDK API is Mellanox interface to manage its family of switching solutions. The protocol level interfaces are designed to be easily ported to any L2/L3 switch router protocol stack
  • For the completeness of the development environment and tools, it is recommended to use the Evaluation Board software package containing the SDK TestX API tool and reference code
  • The SDK API can be downloaded here.

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