Full ASIC-to-Protocol Support for
SONiC on Mellanox Spectrum®

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Why SONiC?

SONiC, Software for Open Networking in the Cloud, is a modern microservices based modular open-source Network Operating System that powers Microsoft’s cloud data centers. SONiC is driven by Microsoft, Mellanox, and a strong open-source community. SONiC supports standard-based layer-2 and layer-3 protocols enabling customers to build large automated data center networks. Break free from vendor lock-in and build your disaggregated network infrastructure today!

Eye on Mellanox- Get more out of SONiC with Mellanox's WJH

Why Mellanox?

Mellanox is the second largest contributor to SONiC. Unlike other vendors who use off the shelf switch silicon, Mellanox Ethernet switch platforms are based on its differentiated Spectrum silicon technology. With its significant open-source software contribution and industry-leading silicon technology, Mellanox is uniquely positioned to offer one-stop-shop ASIC-to-Protocol support for SONiC to customers who want to embrace open networking paradigm.

Why Mellanox Spectrum®?

Mellanox has been pioneering the Open Ethernet approach to network disaggregation for several years. Today, Mellanox Spectrum family of Ethernet switches support the widest range of open network operating systems, including SONiC.

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