CloudX for OpenStack

OpenStack is an open-source cloud operating system for building a highly scalable cloud. OpenStack delivers a flexible and extensible cloud orchestration platform, accompanied by the benefits of open source support from leading organizations. Mellanox CloudX™ is a group of reference architectures that allows companies to build the most efficient, high performance and scalable clouds based on Mellanox's superior interconnect and off-the-shelf building blocks (servers, storage, interconnect, and software). CloudX for OpenStack offers seamless integration between its components and OpenStack layers and provides unique functionalities that includes application and storage acceleration. With state-of-the-art offloads, it not only provides an open and flexible cloud, but also meets the security, reliability and performance demanded by enterprise-grade customers. Whether it’s the open source or leading enterprise distributions like Mirantis Fuel and RedHat OpenStack, this pre-configured reference platform allows a customer to deploy a production-ready cloud confidently.

Solution Components:

  • OpenStack distribution certified Server platforms
  • OpenStack distribution certified with Storage platforms for CEPH, SAN or ScaleIO
  • Mellanox ConnectX series adapter
  • Mellanox SwitchX product with 40/56GbE Support
  • OpenStack Distributions : Mirantis Fuel, RedHat OpenStack


  • Faster Deployment: Deploy a production-ready cloud in minutes with your choice of OpenStack distribution
  • Open Source yet Enterprise-class: Get the advantage of open source world without worrying about technical support
  • Application Acceleration: Get the best performance on any hypervisors (KVM, ESXi or HyperV ) with advanced offloads like RDMA, VxLAN, NVGRE & GENEVE
  • Storage Acceleration: Get the best of OpenStack Cinder, Swift and Manila whether using Software-Defined-Solution like CEPH, GlusterFS and ScaleIO or traditional SAN

How to Purchase

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