Weather and Astronomy

Meteorological forecasting and research, ocean study and cosmological scale simulations require high-speed processing of massive data inputs, so productivity depends both on processing speed and scale. Short term forecasts demand this performance in real time, and this can be accomplished only by the power of thousands of CPUs with large, high-speed storage systems. To complete the performance equation, however, these data centers must be able to move data from server to server or server to storage at a speed that doesn’t create processing bottlenecks. Mellanox® InfiniBand products maximize data center performance and productivity by delivering industry-leading bandwidth and the lowest latency.

In any massively parallel system, there must exist many network devices and cables. Even with a very large mean time between failures, the high number of network components that could be subjected to physical or electrical stress mean that there will occasionally suffer a link failure. Real time data processing cannot be interrupted so a fast recovery mechanism is essential. Mellanox SHIELD, which speeds up failed link recovery 5000x, ensures that real time computations are successful, not impacted by the infrequent but inevitable link failure.

The Mellanox® Solution

Mellanox I/O adapters, switches, and interconnect delivering up to 200Gb/s of reliable, lossless connectivity with less than one microsecond of latency to eliminate data movement bottlenecks. Mellanox solutions support most of the world’s most powerful supercomputers, and they can bring the same high performance and reliability to weather and astronomical data centers.

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