Mellanox High-Performance Computing

The #1 Supercomputers Depend on Mellanox HPC Solutions

The need to analyze growing amounts of data, to support complex simulations, to overcome performance bottlenecks and to create intelligent data algorithms requires the ability to manage and carry out computational operations on the data as it is being transferred by the data center interconnect. Mellanox InfiniBand solutions incorporate In-Network Computing technology that performs data algorithms within the network devices, delivering ten times higher performance, and enabling the era of “data-centric” data centers. By delivering the fastest data speed, lowest latency, smart accelerations and highest efficiency and resiliency, InfiniBand is the best choice to connect the world’s top HPC and artificial intelligence supercomputers.

In-Network Computing

Essential for high-performance computing, artificial intelligence, and big data, Mellanox InfiniBand is the clear leader that introduces capabilities into the network that are specifically designed to achieve maximum performance. With In-network computing capabilities, such as SHARP™ actually transforms the network into a powerful compute resource which can process data as it traverses the network. A wide range of native hardware-based offloads including MPI tag-matching and rendezvous protocol offloads, GPUDirect RDMA and NVMEoF are just a few examples of advanced technologies that are readily employed by Mellanox InfiniBand. Network reliability with Mellanox SHIELD™ improves resiliency by speeding up fault recovery by 5000 times and enables autonomous self-healing capabilities.

Maximizing Data Center Storage and Network IO Performance with NVIDIA Magnum IO

Magnum IO utilizes storage IO, network IO, in-network compute, and IO management to simplify and speed up data movement, access, and management for multi-GPU, multi-node systems.

Magnum IO supports NVIDIA CUDA-X™ libraries and makes the best use of a range of NVIDIA GPU and NVIDIA networking hardware topologies to achieve optimal throughput and low latency.

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HPC Solutions


Bioscience data centers leverage HPC technology for both research and health care. Reducing pipeline wait times for and improving productivity not only speeds the pace of basic research, it can save lives! These data centers are challenged by applications that are both big data and high-performance computing problems that would suffer from suboptimal performance of the network that links servers and storage. Learn more


Electronic Design Automation involves 3D modeling, fluid dynamics, and other compute-intensive processes that require high-performance computing (HPC) data center solutions. These applications use highly-coupled parallel algorithms that can be very sensitive to communication fabric and framework latencies. Mellanox InfiniBand with Mellanox SHARP technology can deliver upwards of 10x improvements for these applications. Learn more


Mechanical computer-aided design (MCAD) and computer-aided engineering (CAE) systems have adopted HPC cluster computing environments to speed processing times and improve revenue for new products. Mellanox InfiniBand with RDMA enables complex systems to be modelled using large memory models in real time to produce higher degrees of accuracy and optimize manufacturing processes for improved safety, productivity, and/or costs. Learn more

Media and Entertainment

Today’s media data centers invest in high-performance HPC cluster technology, combining the power of hundreds or thousands of processors in the service of highly complex rendering tasks Animation and augmented reality are essential to today’s production methods and require the best performing network for highly parallel computing both on CPUs and GPUs with GPU-direct, in the presence of massive data storage requirements. Learn more

Oil and Gas Industry Modeling

Oil and gas companies use HPC technology to explore and locate new repositories for refinement in a highly competitive industry. Success depends on expensive, very high resolution data collection and complex modelling/analysis techniques. These computing challenges involve processing massive amounts of data to reduce the cost of locating and harvesting raw fuel products and optimizing production. Learn more.

Weather and Astronomy

Meteorological forecasting and research requires high-speed processing of massive data inputs, often n real-time; so productivity depends on processing speed. Ocean modelling and astronomy face similar challenges of computing very large scale simulations. Data centers used in these types of research use HPC cluster technology, combining the power of thousands of CPUs with large, high-speed storage systems. Learn more

Artificial Intelligence

It has been said that artificial intelligence will create the next industrial revolution, the fourth industrial revolution that modern-day society has experienced since the dawn of mechanical production and steam power energy. Artificial Intelligence is a pillar of today’s technological world, offering solutions that enable better and more accurate decision making based on the great amounts of data being collected. Mellanox Solutions accelerate the world’s leading artificial intelligence and deep learning platforms.

Machine Learning

Machine learning encompasses a wide range of applications, ranging from security, finance, and image and voice recognition, to self-driving cars, healthcare and smart cities. The fusion of state-of-the-art computational capabilities, extensive automation and extreme connectivity is already impacting nearly every aspect of society, driving global economics and extending into every aspect of our daily life. Mellanox solutions enable companies and organizations to leverage machine learning platforms and enhance their competitive advantage.

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