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Thinking About Deploying 25/100GbE? Check Out This Webinar!

One of the fundamental premises for building a data center, whether for Cloud or for traditional Enterprises, is that network infrastructure needs to be predictable in the way it performs. The Tolly Group recently published a 25GbE & 100GbE switch performance evaluation, where they compared the Mellanox Spectrum-based SN2700 switch against a Broadcom Tomahawk StrataXGS-based switch, offered by a leading networking vendor. The Tolly Group measured the performance aspects of these switches in term of throughput, latency, fairness, buffering, and predictability.

Watch and listen as Kevin Tolly, founder of The Tolly Group, describes the surprising findings from the tests conducted by his engineers.

David Iles, Senior Director of Ethernet Switching at Mellanox, will talk about real world 25GbE & 100GbE use cases and the havoc that an unpredictable network infrastructure can wreak on application-level performance. The underlying network switch fabric can have a great impact to how data center applications perform, for good or ill. Security & attack detection can become unreliable in the face of significant packet loss, while the performance advantages of NVME and hyperconverged solutions can be muted by an underperforming network. Big Data and Analytic solutions demand reliable microburst absorption capabilities in the network fabric that connect their compute nodes.

Webinar Highlights:

  • The importance of predictable performance in network infrastructure
  • The necessity of fairness in Cloud Computing Environments
  • Not all 25GbE & 100GbE switches are equal


Kevin Tolly,
Founder, The Tolly Group

David Iles,
Sr. Director, Ethernet Switch Sales, Mellanox Technologies

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