LinkX™ Cables and Transceivers

LinkX innovative interconnect solutions provide better ROI for data center networks

LinkX Innovations:
Data center customers select Mellanox LinkX pluggable solutions because our technology choices scale in bandwidth, distance and media type providing a cost-effective solution for each specific application. Here are a few examples of innovations for the QSFP form factor:

  • We offer copper cables, active optical cables and transceivers to support distances from < 2 m to > 10 km
  • While most suppliers only offer 40Gb/s cables and transceivers, Mellanox also offers an entire range of 56Gb/s products in the same QSFP footprint, offering 40% more bandwidth than 40Gb/s solutions
  • Our silicon photonics technology allows us to scale to 100Gb/s in the same QSFP form factor, providing 3X more density than CFP2 or CPAK, while at the same time supporting distances of > 2 km.

LinkX Performance:
Every cable and transceiver is cluster tested to BER -15 which translates to 1,000X fewer transmission errors than many competing products. Fewer transmission errors mean fewer "retries" and higher system performance.

LinkX Quality:
Testing every unit in our stressed system environment ensures that our cables and transceivers will work in your system environment. You will experience quicker installations, fewer returns, and less down time.

Mellanox offers a variety of interconnect products that include:

Whether your network application is Ethernet or InfiniBand, Cloud or Web 2.0, server to top-of-rack, server to storage, or switch to switch, click on any product category to find a better interconnect solution. Or contact us directly at

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