Mellanox designs and builds transceiver control ICs (TIAs and VCSEL drivers) supporting Ethernet, InfiniBand. Available in various combinations of 1-, 4- and 12-channel and 10G, 14G, 16G and 25Gb/s line rates for use in transceivers, AOCs and embedded optical transceivers. In development are ICs supporting 50G-PAM4 line rates for 200G & 400G networks.

AOCs & Transceivers

Mellanox deploys its own TIA/VCSEL-drivers in its 25G SFP28 and 100G QSFP28 AOCs and SR/SR4 transceiver. In late 2017 early 2018, IC for the new 200Gb/s HDR and 100Gb/s HDR100 for InfiniBand AOCs.
Due to the close integration of lasers with transceiver control ICs, the Mellanox 100G AOC boasts only 2.2 Watts, the 100G SR4 2.4 Watts and the 25G SR 0.45Watts – the lowest power consumption numbers in the transceiver business.


Mellanox is currently developing TIAs, and VCSEL drivers for the next generation of 50G and 100G PAM4-based, 200G and 400Gb/s transceivers, and AOCs.


The Mellanox IC design group dates back many years with the acquisitions of IPtronics for VCSEL-based ICs and with Kotura for Silicon Photonics ICs for transceivers and VOAs. Today, Mellanox is the leading supplier of Variable Optical Attenuators for the telecom industry with an estimated over 90% market share

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