Mellanox Firmware Tools (MFT)

The Mellanox Firmware Tools (MFT) package is a set of firmware management tools for a single InfiniBand node. MFT can be used for:

  • Generating a standard or customized Mellanox firmware image Querying for firmware information
  • Burning a firmware image to a single InfiniBand node

The following is a list of the available tools in MFT, together with a brief description of what each tool performs.

MFT Tools
Tool Description


This tool provides the following functions:
    * Starts/stops the register access driver
    * Lists the available mst devices


This tool provides the following functions:
    * Generation of a standard or customized Mellanox firmware image for burning (in binary or .mlx format)
    * Burning an image to the Flash/EEPROM attached to a Mellanox HCA or switch device
    * Querying the firmware version loaded on an Mellanox network adapter
    * Displaying the VPD (Vital Product Data) of an Mellanox network adapter


This tool burns a firmware binary image or an expansion ROM image to the Flash device of a Mellanox network adapter/bridge/switch device. It includes query functions to the burnt firmware image and to the binary image file.

Debug utilities

A set of debug utilities (e.g., itrace, fwtrace, mlxtrace, mlxdump, mstdump, mlxmcg, wqdump, mcra, mlxi2c, i2c, mget_temp, and pckt_drop)

OS: Linux, Windows, VMware ESX Server 5.0/.5.1/5.5

MFT Releases
Operating System
User Manual
Release notes EULA
MFT Software for Linux
(save with .tgz extension)
User Manual Release Notes Mellanox MFT EULA
MFT Software for Windows_x86
MFT Software for Windows_x64
Windows PE
MFT Software for Windows PE_x86
MFT Software for Windows PE_x64
(For further information, please see the
README.txt file inside the package)
MFT Software for FreeBSD
VMware ESX Server
3.6.0 MFT Software for VMware ESX Server 5.1
MFT Software for VMware ESX Server 5.5