Mellanox OFED for FreeBSD

Clusters using commodity servers and storage systems are seeing widespread deployments in large and growing markets such as high performance computing, data warehousing, online transaction processing, financial services and large scale web 2.0 deployments. To enable distributed computing transparently with maximum efficiency, applications in these markets require the highest I/O bandwidth and lowest possible latency. These requirements are compounded with the need to support a large interoperable ecosystem of networking, storage, and other applications and interfaces. Mellanox offers a robust and full set of protocol software and driver for FreeBSD with the ConnectX®-3 onwards Host Adapters with Ethernet, InfiniBand and RoCE.

  • High performance single/Dual port support with full line rate, full duplex FDR InfiniBand and up to 100GbE
  • RDMA and RoCE (RDMA Over Converged Ethernet) Transport offload with zero copy for low CPU utilization
  • TCP/IP stateless offload, and Hardware Checksum Offload for Tx and Rx packets
  • Net device statistics per port with both ports in active mode
  • Extensive VLAN support with VLAN Tx/Rx acceleration (Hardware VLAN stripping/insertion), Hardware VLAN filtering and Hardware multicast filtering
  • Adaptive Interrupt moderation on the receive path patterned according to either latency-bound traffic or bandwidth bound traffic.
  • Use fewer high-performance systems in a rack based system, reducing cabling, low power consumption
  • Supports FreeBSD 10.0 and above

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